Our House Diary #70, Wrapping up the exterior, March 31, 2017

Another transition of the Our House has come and gone: this past week, in spite of the poor weather conditions, we managed to close up the exterior of the buildings and installed the last of the siding connections between the units.

We started on the gable ends, as with the rain and snow, we were less likely to get dripped on. The weather conditions were pretty poor, with drizzle pretty much the order of the day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The melting snow and the ground not having any sod on it combined to make for muddy and slippery conditions under our feet, so it was an exhausting week. In spite of my complaining, we did mange to accomplish a lot on the exterior while the plumbers and electricians were completing the mechanics of the units indoors.

On the previous Friday, we had completed the “belt” connecting the upper and lower floors on the gable ends.


We set up the scaffolding and then we finished the siding on the eastern gable wall:

…and then we moved all of the scaffolding to the western gable to do it all over again!

It is satisfying to get all the material in place and dismantle the scaffolding for the last time on those two difficult walls!

Then we installed the transition piece along the front and rear walls:

We had received the concrete board for the “foundation”:

….and took advantage of sunny and dry conditions to make the tour of the building to close up the bottom of the structures:

With the water (mostly) and drains completed inside the building, and the electrical connections close to finished, the houses are close to functional! There is even a toilet!! Yea!

My time on the Our House is mostly finished now: there is still a roof to install that I will try and volunteer for if the weather cooperates with some of my time off. Also, if one of you wants to take the torch and volunteer to be the team leader on the rest of the build, I will help with advice and techniques to make your life easier. Please let me know if this interests you….it would look great on a C.V.!!!

Stacey and Chase had sent me a thank-you card that I want to share, as it is the kind of sentiment that makes the hard work and difficult times pale with the knowledge that someone really appreciates the effort we have put into this building, soon to be her home.

What’s left? Well there is still the certification from LEED Canada to complete, Health Canada wants to do some radon testing, there is the roof, the interior including painting (plastering is being done this week as Habitat will hire a contractor to speed this up and keep the quality control), woodwork and flooring, and of course, the landscaping. All volunteers are welcome to help complete this project!!

Thanks to one and all for your efforts to date!



About jhcarpentry

I am a teacher in the Construction Carpentry Program at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) for the New Frontiers School board. This blog is a way for me to connect with my students.
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