Our House Diary# 65, If All Goes Well – 3, Feb. 9, 2017

Well, so far, the “if” part of this post title has become a “went” because all went well today. We closed the parking lot, lifted the modules and moved 2 more outdoors. We then lifted the last of them up and onto “candles” so that the building is about 40 inches off the ground and ready for transport tomorrow!

The 10 ton jacks worked like a charm and the 45,000 lb. units “floated” off of the foundation blocks we had made for them about 5 months ago

After the truck backed in under the units, the driver actually lifted the module off of the jacks and hauled the module into the great outdoors!


Since we had closed about one half of the parking area off, the driver found a temporary place for the module until the next phase tomorrow. What we are looking at is the ground floor and the rear of the home.

Then, with a lot of will power, after placing the next unit (ground floor, front) on wheels, we pushed it so that it was centred in front of the garage door for the next pick up. Many hands make light work!!

Once more, the jacks came into play, and this unit floated off of the wheels so that the truk could back in.

Then it was a question of moving this second ground floor unit outdoors to find its own temporary resting place in the parking area.

After shifting the last unit over, there was a photo op!

The jacks were placed for the last time and this unit, too floated up and was lowered onto the candles for tomorrow’s big day.


Now the room seems huge with only one unit left!



Tomorrow, two trucks will return and ferry the modules over to their new “home” where they will get an official address number and become part of their community….if all goes well…..


About jhcarpentry

I am a teacher in the Construction Carpentry Program at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) for the New Frontiers School board. This blog is a way for me to connect with my students.
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