Footings and wall, Jan. 14, 2016

Hi Gang!!

This is the last in a series of review for tomorrow’s written “formative evaluation” as Dave keeps correcting me!

Firstly, Chase asked me to clarify the answer to question 8, which I would be delighted to do as he is reading the blog and needs to be rewarded!

Question 8 revisited:

The task and the tools associated with them:

  • installation of anchors = anchor bolts
  • proper consolidation = vibration
  • 1st finishing = screed board
  • create slopes for drainage on slab = laser level
  • final finishing = use steel trowel or power trowel (concrete sealer after curing)
  • use of reinforcing material = construction trellis
  • 2nd step for finishing = magnesium float
  • edge finishing = edger
  • create control joints = cut kerfs with concrete saw
  • verify consistency = slump cone

Thanks, Chase, I am sure everyone is happy you asked!

Question 12

What is necessary to instal under the basement slab to prevent humidity from migrating into the basement?

Answer: a vapour barrier of at least 6 mil polyethylene

Question 13

What is the sequence of constructing a form using the single ties (snap ties) and double walers?

  • -3-4-5 squaring and layout
  • -install the shoe
  • -install the ribbon board
  • -install 1st row ties (create the pattern you will follow for the rest of the form)
  • -install sheathing and studs on the exterior wall
  • -install double walers (inc. kickers, wedges)
  • -mark pour line, openings and bulkheads


Question 14

Why is it necessary to brace a form?

  • -to make it plumb and keep it that way
  • -sometimes to strengthen it

What is the single best reason for bracing a form?

Answer: To make it plumb and keep it that way


Question 15

Of all the possible considerations when making a footing, what is the most important?

Answer: Making it level!


Three more review question tomorrow that won’t make it to the blog so sharpen your pencils!! Don’t forget we are pouring (placing) concrete tomorrow, so we start our review at 8 am sharp!!






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I am a teacher in the Construction Carpentry Program at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) for the New Frontiers School board. This blog is a way for me to connect with my students.
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