From the graduates, Dec 16, 2014

It is always great to hear from former students of the Carpentry program. Some of them share their experiences, some just like to keep in touch, and some teach me something new, and that is what happened recently.

Today I am going to share a link that a graduate sent me:

This is a promotional video from a company who is designing a building homes using a modified SIPs panel construction.  SIPs (structural insulated panel) are usually used to clad a post and beam construction so as to keep the wooden structure visible from the inside.  One of the great advantages of using them is that they create a seamless envelope around the building for energy efficiency and comfort.  This company has modified the idea and has created an interesting process using some of the same techniques.  For those of you on the verge of the Insulations module, you may be interested in watching it.

Thanks Victorio!


About jhcarpentry

I am a teacher in the Construction Carpentry Program at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) for the New Frontiers School board. This blog is a way for me to connect with my students.
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