Insulation, Sept 15, 2014 – Exams

Hey all,

It’s Sunday morning, and I wanted to give you a last post before your exams tomorrow evening.  I hope some of you have the chance to look it up before you start your examination.

I will not elaborate overly much, but just wanted to highlight some of the details I will look for….You all have the video for the vapour barrier around the electric receptacle/switch box, so I will not make any points on that. Install the fiberglass so that:

The insulation should be neither too large or too small (shades of Alice in wonderland!);

-Cut your pieces 1/2″ larger than the space they will be put in….both for length and width;

-make sure the batt is installed right to the back of the opening (I will check randomly);

-“fluff” or pull the batt to the front of the opening;

-no joints between pieces should be visible to the casual eye;

-pieces that need to be cut to fit in shallow or narrow places should respect the same principles as above;

-split the insulation to fit around wires and other similar obstructions;

-loosely stuff the fiberglass in the cracks around the door.

Remember that I will not tell you your mark as clean-up on Tuesday is worth 5 points and also you will need to install the complete vapour barrier in your shed – worth 10 points, so Tuesday may be a game maker/breaker for each of you.

Also, you MUST wear your glasses and mask throughout the entire practical part of the exam or you will automatically fail – no warnings.  Please, please, please do not make me do that!!  We will both regret it.

As I said, this is not a particularly difficult exam, but I am a fussy marker on this one, so conduct yourself accordingly.

Good luck tomorrow!  Break a leg – not literally!!!


About jhcarpentry

I am a teacher in the Construction Carpentry Program at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) for the New Frontiers School board. This blog is a way for me to connect with my students.
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